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Allah and Elohim

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By Dr. Michael J. Oldham Th.D - Class of 1986


Have you ever wondered why, following 9/11, world leaders, including President George W. Bush, were so quick to say that the three major world religions—Christianity, Islam, and Judaism—all worship the same God?

Christians were especially vocal in espousing a tolerant worldview toward Muslims, stating that Allah and Jehovah God were the same deity, ostensibly to avert violence directed against Muslims. Having studied the major world religions, Dr. Michael J. Oldham simply could not accept the premise that Christians could believe that the God of the Bible could be the same God as the Qur’an’s Allah. This fascinating read takes an in-depth look at each religion’s descriptions of God, providing clear support with verses from the Bible and the Qur’an. Dr. Michael J. Oldham provides readers with a comprehensive study of Allah and Elohim, what they claim to be, what their followers believe, and the message of each.

Allah and Elohim is thoroughly researched and its conclusions are drawn from the works of many Christian and Muslim scholars. While founded on much research, this book is easily read, and no matter your religion, you will find the book’s conclusions compelling. This book outlines the truths about Islam and Christianity and clarifies the major attributes of each God and why they do not correspond. Ground yourself in a thorough understanding of Allah and Elohim so you can competently appreciate the tenets of each.