Bad Wisdom

Calculated at Checkout

By COL Christine Cook - Class of 2008


Apprentice investigator, d’Arcy W. Carter, is back, and she’s working solo while her boss is on vacation. Now, the beautiful and exotic Rachael Haverford wants d’Arcy to find her husband, high school teacher William “Bard” Haverford. The search for Bard will take d’Arcy to Grosse Pointe, Michigan, where she finds not only dead bodies, but connections to her past, which she wishes were dead.

The missing person becomes a murder victim, and in trying to figure out how, why, and who, d’Arcy learns more about herself and the family who hired her than she bargained for. This private investigation work is turning out to be challenging to her psyche and her self-confidence. Can d’Arcy really pull this off a second time?