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Bronco Strong

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By COL (Ret) Angela Odom - Class of 2013


Army veterans' memoir tells the story of Army life in a combat zone for her Human Resources troops.

Imagine being at work, or lying in your bed, or even sitting wherever you are right now…and knowing that at any moment the world could literally explode around you. Without warning.

In her stirring memoir, Bronco Strong, Angela M. Odom, a personnel services battalion commander, recounts daily life as a soldier in an active war zone during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Odom came into command of the 15th Personnel Services Battalion in 2006, and immediately they were deployed to Baghdad via Kuwait. The soldiers under her command had proven themselves before in the same theater of war. But things had changed in their time at home, and now they found themselves walking into a living nightmare.

The soldiers of Task Force Bronco bravely endured, fulfilling their monumentally difficult support tasks throughout a grueling fifteen-month extended deployment. But things didn’t always go according to plan.