Class Gift History Book & Supplement Package

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This set of 2 books provides the history of the U.S. Army War College class gifts from 1956 through 2018.  Along with descriptions of each gift and wonderful photographs, both historic and present-day, the books include the unique stories of how various classes selected and presented their gifts to the College. The legacy of class gifts to the U.S. Army War College is unique, interesting, and meaningful. This collection of high-resolution photographs of the gifts is not available anywhere else.

The original 200+ page “coffee table” book (13” x 10”) features the gifts presented to the U.S. Army War College by graduating classes from 1956 through 2013.  The companion Supplement looks similar to the original book, but contains premium-quality plastic sleeves that hold the content pages. As each new class presents its gift to the College, the description of that gift can be easily slipped into the next sleeve of the Supplement.  This offer includes the Supplement itself, plus the descriptions for the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Resident and Distance Class gifts. Future class gift pages will be available for purchase at a modest cost as they are produced.