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Combat Social Work

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Edited by Jeff Yarvis - Class of 2018


Combat Social Work: Applying the Lessons of War to the Realities of Human Services
Social workers have a long, proud history of service in most branches of the United States military. The experiences of social workers and other human service professionals of all military ranks have an important, often profound, and lasting impact that informs not only their practice within the military but throughout their career long after they have left the combat zone. In exploring the experiences of 13 American combat social workers (CSWs)--whose role is, among other things, providing military mental health services to members in their unit--this book shares lessons from military service through the lens of social work practitioners. The text includes strategies learned about social work practice in a war zone that are highly applicable to other highly stressful contexts (e.g., crisis intervention, stress reduction procedures, suicide prevention, brief psychotherapy, and consultation on family issues). Combat Social Work is uniquely positioned to serve as a valuable resource for social workers and other mental health providers interested in the assessment and treatment of trauma with active members of the military and military veterans.