Echoes of a Distant Clarion

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By John G. Kormann - Class of 1973


"John Kormann's memoir is timely and significant--an engrossing chronicle of one Foreign Service officer's courage, commitment, and good sense in war and in peace. His personal life and professional achievements as a diplomat and earlier, as a military officer in postwar Germany, trace the trajectory of America's emergence as the dominant superpower in the twentieth century, providing a ground-level perspective on many of the major crises that punctuated the Cold War era." --The Hon. DANIEL A. O'DONOHUE, President Diplomatic and Consular Officers, Retired.

"John Kormann's book runs the gamut from harrowing incidents to hilarious vignettes. His experiences reflect just how exciting and diverse a career in foreign service can be. Particularly noteworthy is the way he used his diplomatic and military skills to benefit both sectors. This memoir provides real insight into the challenges the author and his family faced on four continents." --The Hon. KENNETH L BROWN, President Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.