Growing Mentor Intelligence: A Field Guide to Mentoring

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By Alan D. Landry - Class of 1997


Growing Mentor Intelligence™ is about living a purposeful life, strategically aligned with your goals and connecting through a revolving door of mutually beneficial mentoring relationships. Learn practical techniques to become an effective mentor and mentee. Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned veteran, cultivating your Mentor Intelligence™ is a skill that once developed, can yield immeasurable reward that can last a lifetime. In this book, COL (RET) Alan Landry shares proven techniques for building mentor intelligence with precision, strategic vision and intention.

With a signature 5-Step “ALtuitive Method,” Landry offers an original process for highly successful mentoring arrangements. This method has become intuitive to him over four decades of his own mentoring experience in military, government and corporate organizations. Landry believes the need for effective mentoring is greater now than ever before, and through his proven approach, organizations and teams can grow to realize their true potential. His unique approach focuses on:

• Creating the mentoring relationship and defining expectations.

• Creating self-awareness through a Personal Asset Inventory.

• Building a Personal Development Timeline.

• Developing Personal Life Strategies using an incremental approach that minimizes risk and increases opportunities.

• Executing intentional Life Strategies one step at a time while staying connected to your own unique skills, talents and passions in life.

While this method defines what good mentoring processes might look like, Landry’s “four critical behaviors for mentees” and “10 critical practices for mentors” suggest ethical guidelines for both sides of the mentor relationship as they embark on the method together. Landry’s work is redefining national conversations about what mentoring means and how to do it with integrity, from the highest organizational levels to academia to the personal level. Landry infuses meaning, hope and practical stewardship into the art and science of mentoring.