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Lost Battalion Print

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Lost Battalion

DDE Class of 2018 Print
By Scott DeJesse. DDE Class of 2018
Large - Unframed

Between October 2 and 8, 1918, the Soldiers of the 1/308th Infantry Regiment, 77th Infantry Division (also known as the Lost Battalion) were encircled by German forces in the Argonne Forest. Led by Major Charles Whittlesey, 550 Soldiers had the choice of hold or surrender.  During those six days, they held their position at a cost of 347 killed, taken prisoner, or missing in action.  This painting attempts to capture the essence of those ‘lost’ days in the environment of the Argonne Forest, the courage of Major Whittlesey and his Soldiers, the release of their last pigeon, Cher Ami, during the bombardment on October 5th, and attempts of the 50th Aero Squadron to resupply the Battalion.

Signed and numbered.  Shipped rolled in a tube.