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Pershing's Mexico Punitive Expedition

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A Dress Rehearsal for the Great War

DDE Class of 2016 Print
By Matt Hall
Large - Unframed

Following a deadly cross-border raid by Mexican revolutionary Francisco “Pancho” Villa in March 1916, President Woodrow Wilson dispatched Brigadier General John “Black Jack” Pershing to lead a punitive expedition into northern Mexico. Although Villa remained elusive, the expedition itself proved to be an invaluable testing ground for new weapons (machine guns, Springfield rifles and semi-automatic pistols), technologies (airplanes and wireless telegraphy), logistics (truck convoys), and the mobilization capabilities of the newly established National Guard. The U.S. Army War College Distance Education Program Class of 2016 commemorated the expedition’s 100-year anniversary with this painting.

Signed and numbered. Includes certificate of authenticity. Shipped rolled in a tube.