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Regimental Stripe Tie

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U.S. Army War College regimental striped tie. Made of 100% silk.

Significance of the Colors in the tie In combination, the colors of the U.S. Army War College tie represent all of the Armed Forces and each of the Army’s basic combat arms.

The broad blue stripe symbolizes traditional “Army Blue.”

The narrow light blue stripe does double duty, representing both the infantry and the U.S. Air Force.

The narrow red stripe represents the artillery. The narrow yellow stripe represents armor.

The combination of the dark blue and adjacent yellow stripes represents the U.S. Navy.

The combination of red and yellow represents the U.S. Marine Corps.

The symbolic representation of the Armed Forces reflects the primary interest of the Army War College in the role of all forms of military power in support of United States national policy.

The representation of the basic combat arms reflects the identity of the College as an agency of the U.S. Army.