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Signs of a Great Resume

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Signs of a Great Résumé: How to Write a Résumé that Speaks for Itself

By Scott Vedder - NSS 2019

Paperback - Veterans Edition

This book is your field manual to help you on your next important mission: to get a great new job in the civilian sector! Learn how to explain and quantify your valuable military experience in a way civilian recruiters can understand.

Signs of a Great Résumé: Veterans Edition helps veterans, transitioning service members and their families write a résumé that speaks for itself, using !@#$%, the Signs of a Great Résumé. Each sign helps you describe your proud military experience, highlight your outstanding achievements and showcase your skills.

! Experiences that were “amazing!” 
@ Defining places, dates and things 
# Numbers that prove past successes 
$ Dollar values of your contributions 
% Figures that growth and results

Tell civilian recruiters, "I am a P.A.T.R.I.O.T." Learn to highlight the military values and characteristics that make you a great candidate for the civilian workplace.

#1 best-selling author Scott Vedder has brought his expertise on veterans résumés to the White House, the Pentagon and beyond. Let him help you!