Twenty Days in May, Vietnam 1968

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By COL (Ret) John L. Mansfield - Class of 1987


Twenty Days in May, Vietnam 1968 is the story of a light infantry company, A-4/31, with emphasis on the actions of the 1st platoon of Alpha Company during that period. The facts are documented, as well as they can be, by the S-2/3 Daily Staff Journal, daily Situation Reports (SITREPS), the unit history, radio logs and other documents from the National Archives, specific to the unit at that time. The crux of the story is then found in the e-mails, memories, recollections and sharing of experiences. These personal accounts take the reader into the field, into the foxholes, into the jungles and rice paddies and finally into the minds of the young men of Alpha Company. Theirs is a story that needed to be told, not just around the reunion table every other year, but to a broad audience of Americans to help them understand the service these men gave to their country and sacrifices they made and are still making today.